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Automatic 6 head liquid filling machine

Short Description:

1.FKF815 Automatic 6 head liquid filling machine. The filling head and flow meter is made of 316L stainless steel, Can hold a variety of corrosive low viscosity particle free liquids.

2.Normally packaged in wooden case or wrapping film, also can be customized.

3.The machine is suitable for all liquid, sauce, gel except the liquid as thick as dough.

Product Detail

Product Tags

automatic 6 heads filling machine

Machine description:

  It is widely used in all kinds of corrosive resistant low viscosity fluid, such as: all kinds of reagents (medicine oil, wine, alcohol, eye drops, syrup), chemicals (solvents, acetone), oil (feed oil, essential oils, cosmetics (toner, makeup water, spray), food (high temperature resistant to 100 degrees, such as milk, soy milk), beverages, fruit juice, fruit wine, spices, soy sauce vinegar, sesame oil, etc without granular liquid;High and low foam liquid (nursing liquid, cleaning agent)

* Filling of food, medical,cosmetic,chemical and other bottle liquids. Plus:wine,vinegar, soy sauce, oil,Water,etc.

* Widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.It can work alone or connect to production line.

*Support customization.


Machine Parameter:

Six - head magnetic pump automatic filling line
parameter configuration:

Metering method

Time and speed adjustment, suitable for almost all liquid products.

Container size

Phi :20-30-350 mm; H:160mm

Packaging weight

>= 2g

Packing precision

Packing weight≤100g  deviation≤±1g; Packing weight>100g  deviation≤±1%(test is based on water)

packing speed

25-60 cans/min

power supply

single-phase 220 v, 50 hz

Machine weight

150 kg

machine power


machine volume


Magnetic pump flow range

10-5500 ml/min (take water as an example). Each working pump is separately controlled.The test is based on sending sample bottles.

Filling volume


Machine Application:

automatic 6 heads filling machine
automatic 6 heads filling machine

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