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Screw Capping Machine
Our main products include High-precision labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, shrinking machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and related equipment. It has a full range of labeling equipment, including automatic and semi-automatic online printing and labeling, round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle labeling machine, carton corner labeling machine; double-sided labeling machine, suitable for various products, etc. All machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

Screw Capping Machine

  • FK808 Automatic Bottle Neck Labeling Machine

    FK808 Automatic Bottle Neck Labeling Machine

    FK808 label machine is suitable for bottle neck labeling. It is widely used in round bottle and cone bottle neck labeling in food, cosmetics, wine making, medicine, beverage, chemical industry and other industries, and can realize semicircular labeling.

     FK808 labeling machine It can be labeled not only on the neck but also on the bottle body, and it realize a product full coverage labeling, fixed position of product labeling, double label labeling, front and back labeling and the spacing between the front and back labels can be adjusted.

    Partially applicable products:

    glass bottle neck labeling

  • FK-X801 Automatic screw capping machine

    FK-X801 Automatic screw capping machine




    FK-X801  Automatic screw cap machine with automatic caps feeding is the latest improvement of a new type of capping machine. Aircraft elegant appearance, smart,capping speed, high pass rate, applied to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries of different-shaped screw-cap bottle. Four speed motors are used for cover, bottle clip, transmit, capping, machine high degree of automation, stability, easy to adjust, or replace the bottle cap when not spare parts, just make adjustments to complete.


    FK-X801 1.This screw capping machinery suitable for automatic capping in cosmetic, medicine and drink, etc. 2.Good looking, easy to operate 3. Wide range of applications. 



    Partially applicable products:


  • FK-X601 Screw Capping Machine

    FK-X601 Screw Capping Machine



    FK-X601 capping machine is mainly used for screwing caps, and can be used for various bottles, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, cosmetic bottles, mineral water bottles, etc. The height of the bottle cap is adjustable to suit different sizes of bottle caps and bottles. The capping speed is also adjustable. The capping machine is widely used in food, medicine, pesticide and chemical industries.

    cappinglid capping