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  • Cosmetic Labeling Machine

    Cosmetic Labeling Machine

    With the development of science and technology, people more and more rich, the life entertainment has become more and more rich, is becoming more care about their dress and dress up,The consumer group of skin care products is expanding,It’s not just women,A growing number of men are also d...
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  • Machine Attendance

    Machine Attendance

    With the development of automation industry, there are more and more industries in order to increase production efficiency, began to use automatic labeling machine, everyone who uses the machine wants to extend the service life of the machine, so how to do it? Let us Fineco company for you to ta...
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  • Service


    In the machinery industry, we have heard too many customers say that after buying equipment from other companies, the supplier’s after-sales service is not in place, which leads to production delay.The customer is worried about whether our company will have such a problem. About this proble...
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  • FIENCO Summary Meeting On The Work Of October

    FIENCO Summary Meeting On The Work Of October

            On November 5th, all the staff of COMPANY A held the work summary meeting for October. Each department made a summary of their work in October in the way of manager’s speech. The meeting mainly discussed the following points:   ①.Achievement The company in October each departme...
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  • FINECO Exhibition

    FINECO Exhibition

      The GuangZhou Int’fresh processing Packaging&Catering Industrialization Equipment Exhibition will be held at the China Import&Export(Canton Fair)Complex from October 27 to October 29, 2021, China time.The main exhibitors in this exhibition are the packaging machine industry, Cold ...
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  • FK808 Bottle Neck Labeling Machine

    FK808 Bottle Neck Labeling Machine

    With the continuous progress of people’s times, people’s aesthetic is getting higher and higher, and the aesthetic requirements of products are getting higher and higher. Many bottles and cans of high-end food are now required to labeling label at the bottle neck,Especially if the co...
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  • FK814 Top And Bottom Labeling Machine

    FK814 Top And Bottom Labeling Machine

    With the progress of The Times, the cost of manual labor is getting higher and higher, and the way of manual labeling has caused more and more cost payment for enterprises. More and more enterprises need to automate production line, labeling machine produced is with the change of The Times and t...
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  • Choose labeling machine

    Choose labeling machine

    It can be said that food is inseparable from our life, it can be seen everywhere around us.This has promoted the rise of the labeling machine industry.With the increasing demand for production efficiency and cost reduction in various industries, automatic labeling machine is more and more popula...
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  • Weighing printing labeling all in one machine

    Weighing printing labeling all in one machine

    Weighing printing labeling machine is a kind of modern machinery and equipment, it have heat transfer printing and a variety of advanced functions such as automatic labeling, The machine combine the functions of printing labels, labeling, and weighing, low-cost professional equipment especially ...
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  • Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

    Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

    It’s time for China’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival. FINECO prepared many Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for his employees and hold many games with prizes.All labeling machines, filling machines and packing machines are 10% off within 1 month from the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are to Mi...
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  • FINECO Little Bit Of Lift Sharing Meeting

    FINECO Little Bit Of Lift Sharing Meeting

        FINECO every month to organize a sharing meeting, The heads of all departments attended the meeting and the other employees voluntarily join activity, choose this sharing meeting host in advance every month, the host is random ballot can also voluntarily, the purpose of this meeting is to ma...
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  • FINECO Staff speech learning

    FINECO Staff speech learning

    FINECO think Good eloquence will make bad to good, good eloquence can have the effect of icing on the cake, good eloquence can help them to change their bad habits, Only by constantly improving the ability of all personnel can customers have more trust and the company develop better. So the lead...
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