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Ancillary Machine Series
Our main products include High-precision labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, shrinking machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and related equipment. It has a full range of labeling equipment, including automatic and semi-automatic online printing and labeling, round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle labeling machine, carton corner labeling machine; double-sided labeling machine, suitable for various products, etc. All machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

Ancillary Machine Series

  • FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

    FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

          FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscramble machine is used as a supporting equipment to arrange the bottles during the process of rotating the chassis, so that the bottles flow into the labeling machine or the conveyor belt of other equipment in an orderly manner according to a certain track.

    Can be connected to the filling and labeling production line.

    Partially applicable products:

    1 11 DSC03601

  • FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging

    FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging

        FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging Machine,The automatic L-shaped sealing shrink packaging machine is suitable for film packaging of boxes, vegetables and bags. The shrink film is wrapped on the product, and the shrink film is heated to shrink the shrink film to wrap the product. The main function of film packaging is to seal. Moisture-proof and anti-pollution, protect the product from external impact and cushioning. Particularly, when packing fragile cargo, it will stop flying apart when utensil broken. Besides, it can reduce the possibility of unpack and stolen. It Can be used with other devices, support customization

  • FK-FX-30 Automatic Carton Folding Sealing Machine

    FK-FX-30 Automatic Carton Folding Sealing Machine

          Tape sealing machine is mainly used for carton packing and sealing, can work alone or be connect to package assembly line.It is widely used for  household appliance, spinning, food, department store, medicine, chemical fields.It has played a certain promoting role in light industry development.Sealing machine is economic, fast, and easily adjusted, can finish upper and bottom sealing automatically.It can improve packing automation and beauty.

  • FKS-50 Automatic corner sealing machine

    FKS-50 Automatic corner sealing machine

        FKS-50 Automatic corner sealing machine Basic Use: 1. Edge sealing knife system. 2. Brake system is applied in front and end conveyor to prevent products moving for inertia. 3. Advanced waste film recycling system. 4. HMI control, easy to understand and operate. 5. Packing quantity counting function. 6. High-strength one-piece sealing knife, the sealing is firmer, and the sealing line is fine and beautiful. 7. Synchronous wheel integrated, stable and durable

  • FKS-60 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Cutting Machine

    FKS-60 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Cutting Machine


    Model: HP-5545

    Packing Size: L+H≦400, W+H≦380 (H≦100)mm

    Packing Speed: 10-20pics/min (influenced by the size of the product and label,and the employee proficiency)

    Net Weight: 210kg

    Power: 3KW

    Power Supply: 3 phase  380V 50/60Hz

    Power Electricity: 10A

    Device Dimensions: L1700*W820*H1580mm

  • FK-TB-0001 Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    FK-TB-0001 Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

          Suitable for shrink sleeve label on all bottle shapes, such as round bottle, square bottle, cup, tape, insulated rubber tape…

    Can be integrated with  an ink-jet printer to realize labeling and ink jet printing together.


  • Automatic shrink wrap machine

    Automatic shrink wrap machine

      fully automatic shrink packaging machine including l sealer and shrink tunnel which can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, stationary, toy, auto parts, cosmetics, printing, hardware, electrical appliances and other industry.

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  • Carton Erector

    Carton Erector

      Automatic carton box packing machine ,It can automatic from the single bottle into the inner box and then the small box into the carton box .No need worker to sealling the carton box .Totally save time and labor costs.

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  • Tabletop Bagger

    Tabletop Bagger

    Tabletop bagger is tailor-made for e-commerce customers and provides integrated solutions such as automatic scanning, automatic covering of express bags, automatic sealing of express bags, automatic pasting of express label and automatic transportation of goods. At the same time, the equipment adopts finishing production technology and table design, which is more in line with ergonomic aesthetics, reduces the occupied area, and meets the daily delivery needs of small and medium-sized e-commerce logistics enterprises. Touch screen operation panel, easy to adjust, more convenient to change people, the machine is suitable for a variety of roll film, the max speed up to 1500 bags per hour, according to customer needs, automatically docking e-commerce orders and enterprise ERP or WMS system, to provide customers with the overall solution of plastic bag packaging and delivery.

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