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FK-TB-0001 Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Short Description:

      Suitable for shrink sleeve label on all bottle shapes, such as round bottle, square bottle, cup, tape, insulated rubber tape…

Can be integrated with  an ink-jet printer to realize labeling and ink jet printing together.


Product Detail

Product Tags

FK-TB-0001 Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Technical Parameters:

◆ Labeling accuracy (mm): ±1mm(errors caused by product and label are not concerned)

◆ Labeling speed (pcs / min): 60150pcs/min(influenced by the size of the product and label)

◆ Applicable Product Size: Diameter: 28mm125mm; H: 60mm280mm 

◆ Suitable label size(mm): length: 30mm250mm; Thickness: 0.03mm0.13mm

◆ Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ

◆ Weight (kg): about 400kg

◆ Suitable Label: PVC, PET, OPS

◆ Applicable standard roll Inner diameter (mm): 5-10 free adjust

◆ Applicable standard roll Outer diameter (mm): ≤50mm

◆ Power(W): 3100W

◆ Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H): about 1550mm ×1055mm ×2000mm

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