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FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging

Short Description:

    FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging Machine,The automatic L-shaped sealing shrink packaging machine is suitable for film packaging of boxes, vegetables and bags. The shrink film is wrapped on the product, and the shrink film is heated to shrink the shrink film to wrap the product. The main function of film packaging is to seal. Moisture-proof and anti-pollution, protect the product from external impact and cushioning. Particularly, when packing fragile cargo, it will stop flying apart when utensil broken. Besides, it can reduce the possibility of unpack and stolen. It Can be used with other devices, support customization

Product Detail

Product Tags

FK308 Full Automatic L Type Sealing and Shrink Packaging

Main Function:

① Adopt L type sealing system.

② Front and back conveyor adopt brake motor to avoid product forward rush because of belt stop’inrtia.

③ Advanced waste film recycling system.

④ Man-Machine interfance controller, easy operation.

⑤ Packing quantity counter function.

⑥ High strength sealing integrated,sealing more fastness and exquisite.

Technical Parameters:

Model FK-FQL-5545 FK-RS-5030
Size L1850XW1450XH1410mm 1640x780x1520
Packing size W+H≤430 L+H≤550 (H≤120)mm L1200xW450xH250
Sealing cutter size/Furnace chamber size 650x500mm L1300xW500xH300
Packing speed 10-30 pcs/min 20-40 pcs/min
Net weight 300kg 200kg
Power 5.5KW 13KW
Power 1φ220V.50-60Hz 3φ380V.50-60Hz
Using air source 5.5kg/square cm 5.5kg/square cm
Maximum electricity 10A 30A

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