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FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

Short Description:

      FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscramble machine is used as a supporting equipment to arrange the bottles during the process of rotating the chassis, so that the bottles flow into the labeling machine or the conveyor belt of other equipment in an orderly manner according to a certain track.

Can be connected to the filling and labeling production line.

Partially applicable products:

1 11 DSC03601

Product Detail

Product Tags

FKA-601 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler.

You can set video sharpness in the lower right corner of the video

Basic Use:

This equipment can be used with other machines, such as connecting the labeling machine, Filling machine, bottle cap machine, etc., suitable for automatic feeding of various round bottles, square bottles, milk tea cups and other products, which can improve production efficiency. The power is 120W.

Adjustable can be customized according to the product

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