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In the machinery industry, we have heard too many customers say that after buying equipment from other companies, the supplier’s after-sales service is not in place, which leads to production delay.The customer is worried about whether our company will have such a problem.

About this problem, Let me first introduce our company. Our company is one of the top enterprises in labeling machine industry in China, and has derived production lines of many machines, such as filling machines, powder packing machines and so on. We are able to achieve this scale we rely on the first-class service attitude and processes in our industry and the quality of our products.

We have our own sheet metal manufacturing plant.So our products can monitor the quality of products from the source, to ensure that the quality of aluminum parts and sheet metal of the machine is good.All the electrical components are of international famous brands. I won’t list them because there are too many kinds. You can see the details on our product list.Picture and test video of the machine willbe sent to the customer before shipment. The customer can also watch the operation of the machine in real time by video with the engineer on site. The goods will be delivered when the customer is satisfied,and we will provide detailed instructions, operation video and maintenance manual.

All equipment enjoy a one-year warranty, and if the customer don’t know how to debug the machine because of replacement product, or a little trouble, we have special engineers for your service.If the problem is not urgent, the engineer will reply within 3 hours. If the problem is urgent, you can call the emergency line, Engineer deal with the problem for you in time.When necessary, we will travel to the customer site to deal with problems. We will serve customers well and deal with problems as our mission.

Our company can’t let customers production loss due to our poor service happen. Choice FINECO is sure to give you A pleasant shopping experience.

Post time: Nov-17-2021