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Our main products include High-precision labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, shrinking machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and related equipment. It has a full range of labeling equipment, including automatic and semi-automatic online printing and labeling, round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle labeling machine, carton corner labeling machine; double-sided labeling machine, suitable for various products, etc. All machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

Automatic Labeling Machine

(All products can add date printing function)

  • FK805 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine (Cylinder Type)

    FK805 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine (Cylinder Type)

    FK805 label machine is suitable for labeling cylindrical and conical products of various specifications, such as cosmetic round bottles, red wine bottles, medicine bottles, can,cone bottles, plastic bottles, PET round bottle labeling, plastic bottle labeling, food cans, no Bacterial water bottle labeling, double label labeling of gel water, positioning labeling of red wine bottles, etc. It is widely used in round bottle labeling in food, cosmetics, wine making, medicine, beverage, chemical industry and other industries, and can realize semicircular labeling.

     FK805 labeling machine can realize a product full coverage labeling, fixed position of product labeling, double label labeling, front and back labeling and the spacing between the front and back labels can be adjusted.

    Partially applicable products: