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Qixi Festival enjoy-Economical labeling machine

  Tanabata Festival to get your exclusive romantic ~

  Today is the Chinese romantic Tanabata Festival, we specially introduce two or three economical automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine, automatic rolling labeling machine, automatic plane labeling machine.

 703(塑料圆瓶)蓝色皮带  703

  705  611-1

  Simple operation, high efficiency, to meet the production and use of large and medium enterprises, can docking your production line, saving part of the labor force.  Labeling precision is high, the machine is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, enjoy one year warranty, lifelong assistance, do not worry about the machine will not use, we will teach you;  Don’t have to worry about the machine quality, our own production, strictly control the product quality, the change of type of labeling machine has been sold at home and abroad and mine area, loved by the masses of customers and repurchase.


  Fineco brand also enjoys certain popularity in the domestic, trusted by the masses of customers, so we also hope to receiving your trust and long-term friendly cooperation with you and become your most reliable,  The most powerful supplier, welcome to consult and visit the factory and guidance .


Post time: Aug-04-2022