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FK808 Bottle Neck Labeling Machine

bottle neck labeling machine

With the continuous progress of people’s times, people’s aesthetic is getting higher and higher, and the aesthetic requirements of products are getting higher and higher. Many bottles and cans of high-end food are now required to labeling label at the bottle neck,Especially if the color of the food is relatively inaesthetic. Because the neck of each bottle is a lot of taper, or even the middle is slightly raised, As a result, labeling with standard machines in the past often performed poorly, Or wrinkle or skew, So you need to add some extra structure to make the machine more stable.

Thanks to our excellent technical team, they perfected the machine in only five days. A new adjustment shelf that can be moved and adjusted in all directions was added to the original adjustment shelf and add a new cylinder that use to fix product. After a large number of products tested, verify that the machine performance improved by our technical team is excellent, the machine is very stable, whether the bottle neck is small ova, have a very large taper or the material is very soft, this machine can be labeling well. And the number of labeling per minute does not decrease but increases.

Mechanical parameter

1. The machine labeling speed: (20~45 PCS /min).

2.Standard machine suitable for product size: (diameter 25mm~120mm, 3.high :25~150mm, if beyond the scope of the need to customize).

4. Labeling accuracy :( ±1mm).

5.Machine size :( L*W*H; 1950*1200*1450mm).

If you have products that require neck labeling, you can send it to us, free for you to test test paste, we’ll talk more if you’re Satisfied with the results.

Bottle neck label not good labeling? Manual labeling is too slow? Filling volume is always unstable? Slow productivity? Contact us to solve all your labeling and filling problems.

Post time: Oct-12-2021