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First shipment in early 2022——Fineco

    The New Year began, the New Year new plan, began to prepare machinery production, today a whole container overseas delivery.  

Fineco mechanical equipment is your best choice,, our production and sales of filling machine, labeling machine, screw cap

machine, packaging machinery and thermal shrinking machine, etc., if you have not know us, can visit to our company guidance,

welcome to inquiry, Fineco division uphold the quality first, service the integration of the principles provide you with quality service,

and look forward to your cooperation and many times cooperation for the first time.

2022.2.25印尼柜 (3) 2022.2.25印尼柜 (4)

2022.2.25印尼柜 (2) 2022.2.25印尼柜 (1)

Post time: Feb-25-2022