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Fineco games-Pay attention to health, the most for product quality!

DSC01195 basketball1 basketball

In order to enhance the cohesion within the department, increase the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhance the communication between departments, Fineco will hold fun sports games at this time every year. Sports events include basketball, badminton, volleyball, tug-of-war competitions, etc. Flying Branch has set up a stage for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship, and hone their will, and provide a platform for “happy sports and healthy sports”. With their own strength and teamwork spirit, the athletes have achieved the style and level of the competition, and achieved both spiritual civilization and sports performance. Let employees experience the joy of sports, the joy of competition, and the joy of participation, cultivate the awareness of rules and the spirit of collaboration, and stimulate the potential of sports. It is not only a review of employees’ mental, physical, and sports level, but also organizational discipline. Review of sexual and spiritual outlook.
Fineco not only pays attention to the research and development and quality requirements of labeling equipment and filling equipment, but also pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees and the promotion of corporate culture. In accordance wth the company’s corporate motto of “Being diligent and conscientious” Go ahead with the goal of “faster and stronger”! We are always full of vitality to create better services and high-quality products for you. We hope that through this we will let you know more about Flying Branch, and hope that we can become your sincere partner forever.


Post time: Dec-13-2021