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Chang ‘an Table Tennis Competition—FINECO Cup

乒乓球2     乒乓球1

Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, such as warm spring breeze into the Toso.

China’s annual Spring Festival is coming soon, Chinese New Year means gathering together, celebrating and eliminating the old.In order to welcome the Chinese Spring Festival, FIENCO funded the whole town table tennis competition held in Chang ‘an,Let all table tennis enthusiasts gather together to meet friends, The grand FINECO table tennis cup then pulls open curtain.

The competition takes the form of a team competition, Anyone can’t pick your teammates. Team members are selected by lottery, The athletes will be evaluated for their table tennis skills level by the judges of the evaluation committee, level are S,A,B and C, All s-level athletes serve as captains, Each captain selected his teammate from the draw lots box of A,B and C,There are four people in each team and must be a female athlete on each team. The team competition is in the form of singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles, After three games, the team with the most wins wins. The table tennis competition — FIENCO Cup attracted 96 table tennis players, divided into 24 teams, The 24 teams are divided into 4 divisions, and the top 2 teams of each divisions will be selected for the next round of the round of eight.

Our company, FINECO, also sent a team, It is our athletes in the picture, how valiant and heroic in bearing they are, We could see in their eyes and momentum that they desired to win. In a game full of high-level athlete, Our FINECO team finally got the fifth place, Our athletes are satisfied with the result, But they said, next year’s results must enter the top three, before this hard lift technique, let us look forward to their next performance.

Post time: Dec-29-2021